Why Plan Ahead?

Is Pre-planning a Funeral or a Cremation Service a Good Idea?

A quick guide on how to start with funeral arrangements in advance. 


Why should you consider it? First of all, it's easy.

You can take your time creating arrangements that best suit your needs and preferences, and all you have to do is fill out a form or meet with a member of our staff to put your plan in place. Anyone can create a plan at any stage in their life, and you can make changes later if you wish.

It lets you decide how you'd like to be remembered.

Creating your unique life celebration allows you to ensure that your wishes and desires are respected upon your passing. However, you decide to be memorialized, pre-planning and preparation give you control over the personal decisions that must be made when a person moves on from this life. Planning can be meaningful for your family, as well, if you choose to include them in the process. It can help them feel connected to you both in life and death, knowing that your arrangements reflect exactly what you envisioned.

It takes the burden off of your family and friends.

When a loved one passes, the family faces overwhelming tasks and decisions while struggling through grief and a range of difficult emotions. By taking care of your arrangements before the time of need, you’re relieving them of that burden and giving them more time and energy to focus on healing and remembrance. They won’t have to ask themselves, “Am I making the right choices?” and can instead focus on what matters: saying goodbye and celebrating your life journey with those who cared about you most.

It gives you the ability to pre-pay if you wish.

While pre-funding your funeral is not required to pre-plan, pre-payment means that your funds will be set aside and protected against inflation and unforeseen increases in cost. Your family won’t have to worry about payment and can enjoy peace of mind knowing everything has been taken care of. We’d be happy to provide you with more information and help you arrange for pre-funding of your services.




7 Things to Consider When Pre-planning Funeral Services

When starting the pre-planning process for funeral services, there are several important considerations that individuals should keep in mind. Here are some key factors to consider:


1. Personal Preferences

Consider your personal preferences for the funeral service. Consider whether you prefer burial or cremation, the type of ceremony or memorial you envision, and any specific religious or cultural customs you would like to incorporate. Consider whether you have any particular wishes for the disposition of your remains, such as scattering ashes in a specific location.


2. Budget

Determine your budget for the funeral service. Consider the costs of different options, such as burial plots, caskets, urns, funeral home services, transportation, flowers, and any additional services or items you may desire. It’s essential to be realistic about your financial situation and choose options that align with your budget.


3. Documentation and Legal Considerations

Gather and organize essential documents that may be needed for the funeral arrangements, such as identification documents, insurance policies, wills, and any pre-existing funeral plans. Consult an attorney or estate planner to ensure your wishes are legally documented and your estate is prepared correctly.


4. Funeral Home Selection

Research and choose a reputable funeral home that meets your needs. Consider factors such as location, facilities, services offered, pricing, reputation, and the level of personalized attention they provide. You can visit our funeral home in person anytime, talk to our Funeral Directors, ask questions, and carefully review their pre-planning options and contracts before deciding. 


5. Communication with Loved Ones

Communicating your pre-planning decisions with your loved ones is crucial. Inform them about your wishes and the arrangements you have made. This will help avoid confusion and disagreements later on, and provide them with peace of mind, knowing that they are carrying out your wishes.


6. Consider Pre-Need Plans

Funeral homes may offer pre-need plans or contracts, allowing individuals to pre-pay for funeral services. Evaluate the terms and conditions of such plans, including payment options, cancellation policies, and any potential transferability to other funeral homes or locations. It’s essential to understand the financial implications and ensure that your funds are protected in case of changes to the funeral home or if you move to a different area.


7. Review and Update Regularly

It is advisable to review and update your pre-planning arrangements periodically. As time goes on, your preferences, circumstances, or financial situation may change. Make sure to keep your documentation current and inform the relevant individuals, such as your family or the executor of your estate, about any changes you make.


But What if I Move?

Once you create your pre-plan with us, we store it in our files to record your final wishes and decisions. Your plan is easily transferable to any funeral home in the United States, so it can be used wherever you relocate. No matter where you live at the time of your passing or which funeral home services you decide to use, we’ll ensure that your plan follows you there.


So Where Do I Start?

The first step is to review our Pre-Planning Checklist to help you consider your possibilities and gather all the information you’ll need. Then, you can use our Pre-Planning Form to create your personalized arrangements. You can also contact us to schedule a meeting with a member of our staff to discuss your options and design your plan in person. 


Pre-Planning Checklist



Talk to Our Funeral Directors in De Pere

Pre-planning funeral services is a personal and sensitive process

Take the time to consider all aspects carefully, seek guidance from professionals when needed, and involve your loved ones in the decision-making process. Feel free to give us a call and speak to our caring staff. We will be glad to explain anything you need. 


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 Funeral Planning in Advance in WI

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